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    Life's Melody

    Disclaimer :

    Life's Melody © Yuu Shimizu

    Genre :

    Drama, Hurt/Comfort

    Rated :


    Chapter 1 - Dream and Reality
    There is a dream. A dream I often have. A dream I’ve had ever since I was a kid.

    In my dream, I’m in the light. The stage is lit up by dazzling lights. Many people had gathered here to listen to my performance.

    Yes, my performance… but I’m not alone on the stage. Everyone is there with me, me friends. And because I’m surrounded by so many friends I’m able to concentrate on my performance.

    Piano is my greatest friend. I’ve been playing piano ever since I was just a little boy. Those tunes the piano made are part of me.

    It sings exactly the way I want it to. And when the piano made a good tune, everyone in the pit orchestra would respond with a wonderful performance.

    Our purpose is different, I was meant to play and they had to back me up. But the aggregation of the melody each of us made feels like a single living being.

    All of the audience is listening with rapt attention. This moment is priceless.

    Even if anything bad happens off-stage, I can't forget about it if I have this serene moment.

    It is such a pleasant dream, the one I had since my childhood.

    No, it is not a mere dream. Part of it was very real. There was a time when I obtained this dream.

    No, no I didn’t, I was just nearly obtained it. But right as I thought I had… it’s gone.

    At that instant, I lost all hope and fall into the darkness. The instant I lost my dream, even the world in it changes.

    Now, whenever I sleep, I always had this dream. A world covered by pitch-black darkness. That moment feel like the end of everything to me.

    So many times I thought, “If this is the reality, please just kill me.”

    However, even if I wake up, reality won’t change. Now my nightmare is my reality.

    I was taught that “dreams” are something to be achieved and yearned, but now it was just hopeless.

    I was afraid to dream. But I was also afraid to wake up.

    Then I have a thought.

    “I have no place in the world anymore.”

    My body filled with emptiness. It felt like my whole body is started to crumble apart. Like I was losing myself…….

    Just where I am supposed to go?

    At that moment, I heard someone’s voice.

    -A song?

    It was a gentle, soft voice. It was a beautiful song that eased my burden as I listened to it. It sounded kind of familiar.

    This is should be my nightmare. Who would sing so calmly in my nightmare?


    I realized that I was wrong. That voice isn’t coming from my dream.

    Then, lured by that voice, I was pulled from my nightmare into consciousness, into reality.

    The sound of the wave below can be heard. A girl was singing pleasantly under the blue sky, accompanied by the gentle breeze. She wasn’t raising her voice to sing, it went from her throat naturally, like that of a humming. Yet strangely her little voice carried well into the song.

    I opened my eyes slightly and see her sitting there, with her arms around her feet. It was a familiar figure. It is already three years since I last saw her, but her impression still looked the same.

    Tachibana Kiriko. The childhood friend whom I grew together with in this city. Now I remember. I was waiting for her here, on the top of the building near the beach. It’s been several years since the two of us last met. After all, I didn’t come back to this city in these past three years.

    My head continue to clear as the time passes while hearing her singing. With my mind fully awake now, I open my eyes.

    Kiriko still didn’t notice that I had been awake and continue to sing happily. She sang so freely that she is feels like having no burden over her life. I was so amazed at her voice, it sinks into me like water into sand, but at the same time I can feel the pain, the pain of something that I don’t have in me. Was I at a point like this? Was I playing the music? Or did the music love me like the way it is with Kiriko?

    As those thought came to mind, they stab my heart, the life which tormented me. I accidentally writhe in pain. Then Kiriko look at me. Our eyes met.

    “Ah….” Then her singing stopped.

    Suddenly silence fall upon us. I can feel the salty breeze from the ocean even from the top of the building.

    “Ah, g-good morning, did I wake you up?”

    “No, you don’t… When did you get here?”

    “Just a while ago.”

    I lifted myself beside Kiriko. Although my body feels so heavy and weary in my dream, it lifted easily. The ocean breeze bringing the scent of the salt hit my face. It was a while since I smell the air of home like this. Since three years ago, I didn’t have any chance to get back to this town.

    “Did you by chance hear anything just now?” Kiriko ask hesitantly.

    She must mean her singing.

    “You could’ve kept singing.” I honestly reply.

    Hearing my honest reply her expression changed like the world is about to end.

    “Hau…. I’ve been heard…” she sound embarrassed.

    Kiriko is always like this. She would be embarrassed to tell anyone her feelings and doing anything in front of others.

    “Is it bad?” I ask while still holding my face to the wind.

    “No… It’s just embarrassing…” she fidgets her finger and look down.

    “I love the song though… Did you write it?”

    “Kuh! Lo-love? Don’t say such a silly things!” she coughed, and her tone sounded weird.

    As I thought, she wrote the song herself. Anyone wouldn’t notice but Kiriko is pretty good in composing.

    “I see… is it finished yet?” I ask her again.

    This time, Kiriko is able to keep her composure. Even though her talking is still spoiled here and there, she answered me.

    “No, it’s not yet… but how are you able to tell?” she ask me with curiosity in her eye.

    “You haven’t changed at all, Kiriko.” I chuckled.

    Of course I was able to tell. Since we are grew up together. Her father is an owner of a Music Shop, where the local band buying their stuff. She was always perceptive on others, but unable to see what she need herself. Always taking care of others, but she can’

    “Ne… Yuu, are you sure you’re fine living there?” Kiriko change the subject.

    She must mean the place where I live right now. A cheap settlement on the roof that used to be a storage. Moving here from Italy without a job, I feel bad to go home. So I decide to ask Kiriko’s daughter for a favor and find me a place to live. Then Kiriko start to offer me if to work at the Music Shop as a shop keeper, and of course I accept it.

    “No, no, it’s okay… I kinda like the place anyway, it feels like a survival tent.

    “Are you really sure?” she ask again, with serious look on her face.

    “Yeah, I am.” I answer.

    “But I mean… you maybe want to work with piano or-”

    “I’m sure.” I answer her firmly, cutting her up. I already know what she will say. “I already had given up the piano.”

    She didn’t accept that. She looked like she didn’t know what to say either.

    “…. Yeah, that’s right… you should take a break once in a while.” Said Kiriko in a loss after pausing for a while.

    I didn’t take a break… I gave it up. I fall silence, I know that she is saying this because she is really worried about me, but she have to take care of her selves better.

    “We should get going.”

    “Yeah…” Kiriko replies.

    I stood up and see the blue sky of my home town that I didn’t get to see in this past three years. I never thought that I will be returning here like this. The city hasn’t changed much, and neither had Kiriko.

    “Ah….” Kiriko look at me after recalling something. “Yuu-kun, welcome back.”

    Kiriko’s voice swept into me like the voice of the wind, but I didn’t answer, I only smile back at her, since I can’t really say that I’m glad. But by that smile I can finally feel that I’m finally going home. Home to the place where I feel I belong. Maybe I felt that way because there is someone who welcomed me back like this.

    After that the two of us get down from the roof and walk to the Shop where I will work from here on out.

    -To be Continue-​

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