Iseng Part 3

Discussion in 'Test Area' started by Flame-kun, 7 February 2012.

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  1. Flame-kun

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    [​IMG]: *sigh*...

    [​IMG]: ...

    [​IMG]: C'mon, you two. Cheer up!

    [​IMG]: Yes, what's wrong with both of you?

    [​IMG]: Nothing wrong with them, I thought.

    [​IMG]: Are you sure?

    [​IMG]: Yes, nothing wrong about them.

    [​IMG]: ...

    [​IMG]: ... actually...

    [​IMG]: About last night.

    [​IMG]: Urk, I think this won't be nice.

    [​IMG]: Nah, just listen to her, ain't cha?

    --------Setelah dijelaskan---------

    [​IMG]: FOR REAL!?

    [​IMG]: Aww, Reimu, you there is so~...

    [​IMG]: I don't believe it!

    Apa yang dijelaskan oleh Reimu dan Sanae? Apa yang terjadi di malam kemarin?
    Jangan ditunggu lanjutannya, orang ini cuma iseng...

    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]: We know this would happen!

    [​IMG]: Wut? How come?
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