Iseng Part 2

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    "Good to see you mate, take the rifle on the table," said Ran to Reisen. But Reisen only gazing to the rifle that is on the table, standing where she is stand.
    "What's wrong? Are you feeling sick?"
    "Is this necessary?"
    "Of course, YES, now pick that rifle"
    "But if someone can join this squad, they have absolutely perfect score on the drills, right? So why I must take a drill again?"
    "Oh, so you don't mind if I report to the leader if 'Reisen's shooting accuracy has been drastically deproved'?"
    "Wha- Okay, then, I guess I don't have many choice *sigh*"

    Reisen pick the rifle on the table and go to station 1 for the drill.
    "Okay, now aim your rifle and shoot the pop-up targets," Ran ordered Reisen to shoot any pop-up targets. No circumstances that Reisen met during the drill.
    "Well, you've decent score on the drilling. So what's wrong before?"
    "Err, it's okay. Really," Reisen replied.

    Suddenly the front door opened, and there sighted a girl that opened the door. Her tall isn't as tall as Reisen but...
    "Captain Tewi..."
    "Wha- Tewi? Hey, how did you-"
    "Well, I'll explain it later. For now you have proven your combat ability. Now, follow me." Tewi walk away from the door, followed with Reisen and Ran is still on the drilling station.
    "I don't thought she'll go here herself. Right, Kaguya?"
    "..." no reply from Kaguya. Ran checked Kaguya on the weapon storage and she founded kaguya fall asleep there.
    "Bah, She's fall asleep again. But the work is done and you got your rest. Good job..."


    "For this test, you'll run the cargoship in less than 60 seconds. Ran holds the current squad record for 8 seconds. Good luck"
    "I assume she use her Sukima?"
    "Well, if you're ready climb the ladder over there"


    Yaah kira2 progress doujin Touhou Warfare gw baru sampai segitu. Ada 14-16 halaman kalau gak salah (gak dihitung sama halaman cover dan pembuka)
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