On Going Gou-Dere Bishoujo Nagihara Sora

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    Other Tittle : 豪デレ美少女 凪原そら; 豪娇美少女 凪原空; Goudere Bishoujo Nagihara Sora

    Information :
    Author(s): Minazuki Suu
    Artist(s): Minazuki Suu
    Genre(s): Adult, Comedy, Ecchi, Harem, Romance, Seinen, Supernatural

    Shouta's an otaku who's only love in the world is manga. One day, he happens to wish for one of his favorite character, Nagihara Sora, to be by his side...and so she does! But what is he to do when he finds that his gentle and weak Sora has turned out to be a violent gou-dere (an unstoppable force that does whatever she pleases for her master, out of her love for her master) who views the world as a ero-game to be conquered for his sake?

    Read Online @Mangafox : http://mangafox.me/manga/gou_dere_bisho ... hara_sora/

    Comment dari gw : Epic. Yg gambar sama kyk yg ngegambar sora no otoshimono + ceritanya juga~ jadi klo ceritanya emang "WAH" maklumi saja~ :teh:

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