Info Gajah Mada! our newest leader in newest Civilization 5 expansion "BRAVE NEW WORLD"

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    Sira Gajah Madapatih Amangkubhumi tan ayun amuktia palapa, sira Gajah Mada: "Lamun huwus kalah nusantara isun amukti palapa, lamun kalah ring Gurun, ring Seran, Tañjung Pura, ring Haru, ring Pahang, Dompo, ring Bali, Sunda, Palembang, Tumasik, samana isun amukti palapa".

    Gajah Mada civ 5 Brave New World

    Okay everybody,the newest expansion of Civilization 5 games,added a lot of new content that's include 9 newest leader from each respective cultural country.
    Seven of the nine playable civilizations and their leaders have now been confirmed: Casimir III of Poland, Pedro II of Brazil, Ashurbanipal of Assyria, Shaka of the Zulu (returning from Civilization IV), Maria I of Portugal, Gajah Mada of Indonesia and Ahmad al-Mansur of Morocco.

    It's not just added the new leader and it's civilization but i'ts add Trade Routes, Ideologies, the World Congress which expands the diplomatic aspect of the game, and an improved Cultural Victory, including Tourism, Archaeology and a Great Work mechanic to the core-game.

    Well this expansion that announce on March 15, 2013 will released in North America July 9, 2013 and World Wide July 12 2013.
    Oh yeah about the gameplay you can watch in this video
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    Persiapkan bandwith! :D
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    pasukannya lempar bambu runcing. terus di lini belakang ada dukun yang summon berbagai mahkluk underworld
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    sudah main dan gw "SANGAT PUAS"

    dengan expansi yg satu ini...

    well sekarang cara untuk menang lebih bervariasi

    Indonesia masuk

    dan suprisingly negara Brazil begitu enak untuk di pake @_@

    recommended play for thou like play this type of game

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