Doctors remove spider hiding in woman’s ear canal

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    A woman who went to China's Changsha Central Hospital complaining of itching in the left side of her head was told by doctors that the source of irritation was a spider that had been living inside her ear canal for five days.

    Doctors reportedly used a saline solution to flush out the spider in order to avoid having the spider burrow deeper inside the canal or bite her.

    The flushing technique was successful and the woman reportedly wept with gratitude after being told the spider was removed. Doctors say they believe the spider entered the woman's home while the home was undergoing renovations, and crawled into her ear while she was sleeping.

    A report by CNN states that spiders and other bugs are appearing in greater numbers this summer due to warm weather and drought conditions across the U.S.

    "All insects are cold-blooded, so in extreme heat they develop quicker, which results in more generations popping up now compared to previous summers," Jim Fredericks, an entomologist and wildlife ecology expert with the National Pest Management Association, told the network.

    source : Yahoo! News
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    Ulat di mata. Laba-laba di hidung.

    Hiii jadi ngeri.

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    @Super Admin Ear kakak bukan Nose.

    Jadi kalau mau enggak di pakai sarang serangga, kuping harus rajin di coblos coblos pake kuton bud. Ngeri juga ya itu ada laba-laba.

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