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    orang baru: Gimana sih mainnya?
    orang lama: Tau main werewolf ga? Kayak gitu.
    orang baru: Ga pernah main werewolf.
    orang lama: ehm .. main dulu deh, ntar lama-lama ngerti kok!

    CLASSIC GAMEPLAY FAST GUIDE maybe not so fast tho
    Townies is the gud guys who want to lynched all evils.
    Mafias want to kill all who opposed them (basically everyone except them).
    Serial Killer wants to kill everyone.
    Neutral Evils have their own winning conditions.
    I know SK is neutral too but this is more understandable way to explain for new ppl


    You can see your role's detail in top-right screen.
    All of the dead's (either killed or lynched) roles are revealed and can be seen in top-left screen.

    Sheriff - Check someone's role each night.
    Will know directly if the target is a Serial Killer or a member of Mafia (except Godfather).
    Townies, Godfather, Neutral Evils will appeared as not suspicious.

    Investigator - Investigate one person each night for a clue to their role.
    Will know a certain possibilities of that target's role.

    Doctor - Heal (prevent death) someone each night.
    Can heal themself once. Will know if your target is attacked.

    Bodyguard - Protect someone each night
    If your target is attacked, both you and the attacker died.
    Your counterattack ignores night immunity(*)

    Jailor - Choose someone in the day and jail that person at night anonymously.
    Talk to your prisoner and may choose to execute them.
    The jailed target cannot perform their night ability and safe from all attacks.

    Lookout - Watch one person to see who visits them at that night.

    Medium - Can speak with dead people at night anonymously.

    Escort - Distract someone at night (they cant use their role's night ability)
    If you target a Serial Killer they will attack you instead.
    Immune to roleblocks.

    Veteran - Be alert at night. Max 3 times.
    Being alert means killing anybody who visited you (even its a Town member).

    Vigilante - Shoot someone at night. Max 3 times.
    If you shoot a Town member, you will commit suicide over the guilt.

    All of Mafia members can talk privately at night.

    Godfather - Kill someone at night.
    If Mafioso is alive, Mafioso will kill instead of you.
    Night immunity (cant be killed by Serial Killer).
    Appear to be a Town to the Sheriff.

    Mafioso - Carry the Godfather's order.
    Can kill as you like if Godfather doesnt give order.
    If Godfather dies, you will become a Godfather.

    Framer - Frame someone at night.
    The framed person investigated they will appear to be a member of the Mafia.
    If both Godfather and Mafioso die, you will become a Mafioso.

    Serial Killer - Kill someone each night
    Your killing attempt may failed if your target have night immunity (godfather) or jailed by jailor.
    Night immunity.

    Executioner - Choose a target at night and trick everyone into lynching your target.
    Winning condition: Get your target lynched
    If your target is killed at night you will become a Jester.
    Your target is always a Town member.

    Jester - Trick everyone to lynch you.
    Winning condition: Get yourself lynched.
    If you are lynched you may kill one of your guilty voters the following night.


    will update later
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